Sound’s not coming out in Ubuntu 9.10

A while ago I had a problem with wifi setting in Ubuntu 9.10, but then I reinstall Ubuntu 9.10 with the original CD I received from Holland and the problem was solved.
Now, it’s been two days since I started trying to figure out how to work the sound. It seems that the sound is not working properly in my laptop.

After a thorough search, I gotta admit it’s pretty boring to sort out the best answer for my case, I finally resort to reinstalling Ubuntu 9.10 again. And guess what? I works just fine now. Although it’s kinda weird that the indicator on my laptop shows (when there is no application with sound needed) inactive. But it’s working all right, so I think I’m quite content with the result now.

I know that the solution I’m giving here is somewhat not favorable to you, but I guess it’s really worth the try, instead of rummaging about looking for the precise answer with a similar case. I mean, I tried that before and I’ve done (pretty much) all the people in the discussion forum suggested to do, and it brought me nowhere. So, you might wanna give it a shot.


~ by Rod on January 12, 2010.

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