Ubuntu Remix

I have just tried installing Ubuntu Remix on my laptop today and hopefully I can give you guys some review over it.

Installation: I really love the way of installing it. It’s really easy: all you have to do is plug in  your flash disk, containing the installation data downloaded from Ubuntu, to your laptop and change your boot setting into USB (on my laptop, it only needs to press Esc once it boots. Your laptop might have a different setting). After that, just follow the instruction on the screen. Voila! As easy as that.

You can also install it side by side with your main/other operating system. Not to mention the use of Wubi (=installing Ubuntu inside Windows). All in all, it’s a really comfortable process!

Booting & Shutting down: once I successfully installed it, I measure the boot time. Shocking enough, it  takes 24 seconds to boot.It’s kinda longer than I expected. I mean, Karmic Koala takes less time than than on my laptop. Ubuntu Remix takes around 6 seconds to shut down, at about the same with Karmic Koala.

There is another downside. One thing I surely notice is that it takes quite a while to completely install it. Especially when you decide to set up a designated partition for it. Though, I think it’s quite normal considering the installation process is taking from USB.

And one more thing, I notice that it’s a bit slow on graphics, but I think it’s all because my laptop doesn’t have a top-notch graphic card. It might do better on other laptops.


Viva Ubuntu! Long Live Open Source!


~ by Rod on January 28, 2010.

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